Nonprofit Resources of the Week – 2/18/24

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Resources of the Week.

Notable Nonprofit Posts, Articles, & Other Resources:

Has Your Organization been Blocked by Charitable Fundraising Platforms? It is likely due to California’s new “Good Standing” requirement. (Karen Wu, Perlman + Perlman)

In the past few months, a sizable number of nonprofit organizations were surprised to find themselves blocked from receiving donations through various online fundraising platforms including Facebook. The cause was failure to be in “good standing” in California. This “good standing” requirement is part of California’s law governing charitable fundraising platforms. Known as Assembly Bill 488 or AB 488, effective on January 1, 2023, one provision prevents platforms from facilitating donations to any organization that is not in “good standing” in California.

Election Checklist for 501(c)(3) Public Charities (Bolder Advocacy, Alliance for Justice)

11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2024 (Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy)

Philanthropy trend report says Gen Z is able to change economic, social constructs (Natalie Brooks, LA Times)

Inspiring Action: Identifying the Social Sector AI Opportunity Gap (Project Evident and Stanford University Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence)

Could AI Speak on Behalf of Future Humans? (Konstantin Scheuermann & Angela Aristidou, Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Procurement Fraud in the Charitable Sector (Linda Rosenthal, For Purpose Law Group)

Deja: Form 1023-EZ and Private Foundation Misclassifications (Lloyd Mayer, Nonprofit Law Prof Blog)

Moving from RFPs to RFIs for equity and affordability (Laura S. Quinn, National Council of Nonprofits)

Works in Progress: The Long Journey to Doing Good Better (Dustin Moskovitz, Medium)

Significant Events:

  • “Former President Donald J. Trump suggested that he would incite Russia to attack “delinquent” U.S. allies, foreshadowing potentially far-reaching changes in the world order if he wins the White House again.” NY Times
  • “Despite its name, national conservatism could not be more different from the ideas of Reagan and Thatcher. Rather than being sceptical of big government, national conservatives think ordinary people are beset by impersonal global forces and that the state is their saviour. Unlike Reagan and Thatcher, they hate pooling sovereignty in multilateral organisations, they suspect free markets of being rigged by the elites and they are hostile to migration. They despise pluralism, especially the multicultural sort. National conservatives are obsessed with dismantling institutions they think are tainted by wokeness and globalism.” The Economist
  • “Navalny is now presumed dead. The Russian prison system has said he collapsed after months of ill health. Perhaps he was murdered more directly, but the details don’t matter: The Russian state killed him. Putin killed him—because of his political success, because of his ability to reach people with the truth, and because of his talent for breaking through the fog of propaganda that now blinds his countrymen, and some of ours as well.” The Atlantic

Equity and Justice Related Articles & Resources:

Rustin (film)

AP Exclusive: America’s Black attorneys general discuss race, politics and the justice system (Matt Brown, AP)

A Rare Moment Americans Could All Share (Peter Wehner, The Atlantic) [Ed. See also Tracy Chapman & Luke Combs Deliver Gripping Performance Of “Fast Car” (2024 Grammys).]

Climate Change Articles & Resources:

Making Farming More Climate-Friendly Is Hard. Just Ask Europe’s Politicians. (Somini Sengupta and Monika Pronczuk, NY Times)

Opinion: A Slap Shot Against Climate Denial (Michael E. Mann and Peter J. Fontaine, NY Times)

Climate Change and Human Health (Environmental Protection Agency)