Nonprofit Resources of the Week – 11/12/23

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Resources of the Week.

Notable Nonprofit Posts, Articles, & Other Resources:

Share Your Secret Sauce (Elizabeth Cushing, Stanford Social Innovation Review)

How Nonprofits Are Using AI (Janelle Levesque, TechSoup)

Nonprofits’ Use of Artificial Intelligence Systems: Intellectual Property and Data Privacy Concerns (Nate Gerhart, Cynthia Rowland, Farella Braun + Martel, JD Supra)

Opinion: A.I. Could Prove Disastrous for Democracy. How Can Philanthropy Prepare? (Gordon Whitman, Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Convening social sector leaders to navigate the future of AI (Generosity AI Working Group, Giving Tuesday) [Ed. Registration, which is free, is required to access four sets of assets and resources: a problem library, datasets, a knowledge bank, and a collection of tools and initiatives.]

Philanthropic Investment in People Power (Frank Farrow, Hanh Cao Yu & Robert Ross, Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Organizing for the Long Haul by Building Community (Maurice Mitchell, Nonprofit Quarterly)

Letting Lived Experience Lead the Way (Eddy Zheng, Center for Effective Philanthropy)

Effective Audit Committee Guide (BDO USA)

Never ask job candidates to do unpaid assignments as part of your hiring process (Vu Le, Nonprofit AF)

Significant Events:

  • “Democrats won decisive victories in major races across the country on Tuesday evening, overcoming the downward pull of an unpopular president, lingering inflation and growing global unrest by relying on abortion, the issue that has emerged as their fail-safe since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year.” NY Times
  • “As the Israeli military campaign against Hamas entered its second month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered the clearest indication to date about what Israel has planned for the war’s aftermath, warning that Israel will need to oversee the security of the Gaza Strip once the fighting is over to prevent future attacks.” NY Times
  • “Around the world, dictators are dispatching assassins, kidnappers, secret police and private investigators to abduct, harass, intimidate and harm dissidents, journalists, academics and others far beyond their borders. Transnational repression, as it is called, is spreading faster than democracies can cope with it. As Freedom House noted in a landmark study 2½ years ago, dictatorships struck back at activists and journalists who were using the internet to campaign for human rights from afar. The authoritarian regimes learned to respond in the same way, through spyware and online harassment, and have taken their campaigns a major step further, with surveillance, threats, disruption, kidnapping and violence.” Washington Post (Opinion, Editorial Board)

Equity and Justice Related Articles & Resources:

A law that helped end slavery is now a weapon to end affirmative action (Julian Mark, Washington Post)

California Tried to Warn Us (Shirin Ali, Slate)

LGBTQ candidates scorecard 2023 Election night (Lisa Keen, Out Smart)

Climate Change Articles & Resources:

Earth just had its hottest year on record — climate change is to blame (Carissa Wong, Nature)

Talk like a human: Lessons on how to communicate climate change (Potential Energy Coalition)

When Idiot Savants Do Climate Economics (Christopher Ketcham, The Intercept)