Department of Treasury 2009-2010 Priority Guidance Plan

The joint Department of Treasury/IRS priority guidance plan for 2009-2010 (10/1/09 – 9/30/10) includes the following items of interest to tax-exempt organizations:

  1. Revenue procedure to provide terms for hosts of CyberAssistant software (used to generate Form 1023 exemption applications for a reduced user fee).
  2. Final regulations on the new requirements for Type III supporting organizations.
  3. Notice under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 4943 on excess business holdings.
  4. Guidance under IRC Section 4944 on program-related investments (PRIs).
  5. Final regulations on excise taxes on prohibited tax shelter transactions and related disclosure requirements.
  6. Proposed regulations on the new excise taxes on donor advised funds.
  7. Regulations under IRC Section 6033 on group returns.
  8. Proposed  regulations relating to disclosure to state charity agencies for changes made by the Pension Protection Act of 2006.
  9. Final regulations under IRC Section 7611 on church tax inquiries and examinations.
  10. Final regulations under IRC Section 170 regarding charitable contributions.
  11. Guidance on charitable lead trusts and charitable remainder trusts.

You can read the full priority guidance plan here.