Council on Foundations 2014 Annual Conference

Leadership with education

The Council on Foundations 2014 Annual Conference (Philanthropy Exchange) was held in Washington DC on June 8-10 with pre-conference sessions taking place on June 6 and 7. The Full Session Calendar shows the breadth of topics covered and is a wealth of resources. Here are some my favorites resources coming out of, or relating to topics covered by, the Conference:

Energizing Private Partnerships at the Federal Level
See Philanthropy and Government Working Together: The Role of Offices of Strategic Partnerships in Public Problem Solving

Public Policy Seminar
Investing in Change: A Funder’s Guide to Supporting Advocacy
Tax Reform Act of 2014 Summary

The State of the Nation: American History, Identity and Politics
Gallup’s Jim Clifton on The Coming Jobs War

Inequality, A Polarized Society, and Young Men of Color
A Time For Action – Mobilizing Philanthropic Support for Boys and Young Men of Color

Making Rights Real: Civic Literacy, Media Access, and the Democratic Imperative
Dialogues On Election Reform: A Continuing Conversation with the States (May 1, 2014 – American Bar Association Standing Committee on Election Law)

Civil Legal Aid: A Natural Ally in Tackling Poverty
Natural Allies: Philanthropy and Civil Legal Aid

President Obama’s Social Innovation Fund at Five… Where it’s been, and where it’s going
Innovation to Impact: Obama’s Social Innovation Fund at Four (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Re-Emerging Art of Funding Innovation
Re-Emerging Art of Funding Innovation (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Fostering Philanthropy and Civil Society Globally
Discussion Questions
Council on Foundations conference 2014: foundations and the post-2015 development goals (Alliance Magazine)

Closing Plenary: Finding Common Ground to Advance the Common Good
Common Ground with Bob Beckel & Cal Thomas


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