California Benefit Corporation and Flexible Purpose Corporation

California Governor Jerry Brown announced today that he signed into law AB 361 (Benefit corporations) and SB 201 (Flexible purpose corporations).  These laws will provide social entrepreneurs with two additional forms of legal entities to consider when creating their social enterprises and represents a tremendous step forward for businesses looking to factor social good into their traditional bottom lines.

Click here for our Benefit and Flexible Purpose Corporation handout.

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I’ll be speaking about both of these new entities and the L3C (not yet in California) on Friday, October 14, to the Santa Barbara County Bar Association Tax Section.  And Emily and I will be presenting on social enterprise legal entities at the Net Impact Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, October 29.

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  1. This is so awesome to hear. I’m always glad to see Sacramento attorneys making a difference in their community, and this legislation is going to help fund innovation in our young people and give them the opportunities to grow that each and every California citizen interested in entrepreneurship deserves. Cheers to all involved.

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