Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio



Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio is celebrating its 200th show this Friday. 

I hope you’ll join Tony for Nonprofit Radio’s 200th show at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET on Talking Alternative or later on iTunes.

Board relations. Fundraising. Volunteer management. Prospect research. Legal compliance. Accounting. Finance. Investments. Donor relations. Public relations. Marketing. Technology. Social media. Every nonprofit struggles with these issues. Big nonprofits hire experts. The other 95% listen to Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. Trusted experts and leading thinkers join Tony each week to tackle the tough issues. If you have big dreams but a small budget, you have a home at Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio.

Nonprofit Radio attracts 9,000 listeners each week from all over the world. It’s an invaluable resource, particularly for small and medium-sized nonprofits that may not have the access to the wealth of experts Tony is able to bring to the show. I’ve had the great pleasure of being a regular contributor since 2011.

Congratulations Tony! And thank you for your great contribution to the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Radio 200th