IRS TE/GE FY 2023 Accomplishments Letter

The IRS Tax Exempt & Government Entities Division (TE/GE) recently published its FY 2023 Accomplishments Letter. One segment of customers covered by TE/GE is Exempt Organizations (EO), which includes charities, private foundations, business leagues, labor unions, and veterans’ organizations. The other two segments of customers are Employee Plans and Government Entities. The Accomplishments Letter covers the IRS fiscal year ending […]

Two Key IRS Reports – FY 2021

We received two Internal Revenue Service reports of note in the first week of this new year: (1) the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Fiscal Year 2021 Accomplishments Letter; and (2) the Progress Update Fiscal Year 2021. Here are some excerpts from these reports: Highlights from the TE/GE Accomplishments Letter Highlights of our accomplishments during […]