Upswell Chicago 2019

We have work to do. Let’s – Do it together. Share more knowledge. Coordinate more activities. Inspire one another. Energize one another. Heal. Make each other more comfortable. Make each other more uncomfortable. Push. Be brave. Get the job done. These were the messages from Upswell Chicago. Here is how the event was described: Upswell […]

Upswell LA 2018

Uplifting. That’s my one word description of Upswell 2018, the successor to the annual Independent Sector conference that took place in Los Angeles from November 14 to 16. Here is how the event was described: Imagine what would happen if we harnessed the energy, insights, and experience of the people who are driven to do good. […]

2017 Conference: Our Common Future

I’m attending the 2017 Independent Sector-Council of Michigan Foundations-Michigan Nonprofit Association Conference: Our Common Future in Detroit from October 25 through 27. Our Common Future will be this year’s most crucial gathering of doers and dreamers bent on making the world a better place. Nonprofits, foundations, corporations, social enterprises — no matter where you choose to […]

New Frontiers: 2016 Independent Sector Annual Conference

Washington DC is the site for New Frontiers, the 2016 Independent Sector Annual Conference and Public Policy Action Institute, taking place  November 15-18. The Conference comes at a pivotal time for the nonprofit sector and our nation, rigidly divided on so many issues and characterized in many ways by a disengaged and disenchanted citizenry. The opening reception will […]

Independent Sector Threads: Oakland Style

Independent Sector and its regional convening partners held critical community conversations called “Threads” about the key trends, obstacles, and opportunities that will affect every organization and individual working toward the common good over the next 20 years. I had the privilege of attending the conversation in Oakland and summarizing it in 90 seconds for the Opening Plenary […]

Independent Sector National Conference 2014: Imagine – Public Policy Action Institute

Imagine. That’s the theme of the 2014 Independent Sector National Conference currently being held in Seattle. And it’s a reminder for nonprofit board members and managers of the importance of thinking beyond our very important day-to-day matters and mere compliance. One of the Conference’s two important pre-conferences was the Public Policy Action Institute (PPAI):  The Institute is […]

Independent Sector Annual Conference 2013

   Wynton Marsalis performing and delivering an amazing plenary at IS Conference.   Here are a collection of tweets from the 2013 Independent Sector Annual Conference: Opening Plenary: Wynton Marsalis playing Now's the Time with NextGen accompanists talking about innovation, collaboration, arts & advocacy – #amazing Truly great opening plenary IndSector: Marsalis was engaging, intelligent, thought-provoking. […]

Independent Sector Public Policy Action Institute 2013: Key Issues in Tax Reform

  Day Two of the Independent Sector Public Policy Action Institute kicked off with a session on tax reform moderated by Kyle Caldwell, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, and divided into five hot topics. Charitable Deduction. Richard Schmalbeck, Duke University School of Law, discussed the availability of a charitable contribution deduction only to itemized filers and the […]

Independent Sector Annual Conference – 2006

While I was not able to attend the Independent Sector Annual Conference held this year in Minneapolis, I was able to follow some of the happenings thanks to the Independent Sector website.  The conference was attended by over 700 nonprofit leaders and scholars and highlighted the importance of collaboration in the nonprofit sector. Diana Aviv, […]