Nonprofit Startups and the Value of a Nonprofit Attorney

Insightful founders of new ventures understand the value of involving legal counsel in the early stages of planning.  A knowledgeable attorney can identify issues, opportunities, and threats which allows founders to react appropriately as they plan the organizational and operational structures.  As a result, investing in legal assistance at the outset can help to avoid […]

10 Keys to Starting a Nonprofit – Private Foundation

A thoughtful commitment to charitable giving and sufficient funding are baselines for starting a nonprofit private foundation.  But there’s more needed.  Check out the following steps you should take as you move forward: Identify your reasons for starting a new organization.  Are they primarily altruistic or personal? What is it about starting and operating a private […]

Starting a Self-Sustainable Nonprofit

Can a charitable nonprofit be profit-making and sustainable without donations? It is a common misconception that “nonprofit organization” and “profit-making” are mutually exclusive concepts.  It’s certainly possible from a legal perspective for a charitable nonprofit to generate profits if the profit-making activities are related to furthering a valid charitable purpose.  And by related, we mean […]