Compensating Nonprofit Board Members

Many of us serve as volunteer board members of a charitable nonprofit organization. But some nonprofit board members get paid for their service. There are strong feelings about the propriety of compensating nonprofit board members that are worth exploring before arriving at any conclusions. The Law Federal tax laws applicable to public charities do not […]

Women Leaders Still Make Less Than Their Male Counterparts…Even in the Nonprofit Sector

  GuideStar recently released its 2015 Nonprofit Compensation Report, an annual report compiled using data reported by exempt organizations to the IRS for 2013.  Unfortunately, the Report’s findings regarding women leaders in the sector are not at all encouraging.  According to a list compiled by the author of the Report, the Report resulted in the […]

Compensation Strategies and Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations – Part Two

“Best Practices in Nonprofit Compensation” The laws regarding nonprofit compensation are another element that can make compensation a disliked topic in an organization. The penalties are severe and there are no precise formulas for generating a compensation plan. With public charities, the IRS mainly focuses on certain individuals such as directors and key employees. Excess […]

Compensation Strategies and Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations – Part One

Compensation decisions for nonprofits can be difficult because organizations are often balancing twin aims of recruiting and retaining highly skilled and highly valued individuals, and complying with laws that prevent unfair or unreasonable compensation. Recently, I participated in two events regarding nonprofit compensation that address these dual concerns. Below are some of the tips that […]