Stanford Project on the Evolution of Nonprofits

The Stanford Project on the Evolution of Nonprofits (SPEN) presented a conference entitled “Managing Through Challenges:  A Profile of Bay Area Nonprofits” on August 26, 2005.  The corresponding report asserts that there are 9,856 nonprofits (defined narrowly to include only operating charities, supporting organizations and private foundations) in the San Francisco Bay Area.  SPEN (i) profiles the social sector landscape within the socio-economic context and (ii) follows 200 randomly selected operating charities in order to better understand how Bay Area nonprofits are funded, organize, evolve and deliver services.

According to SPEN’s report, Bay Area charities spent in excess of $41 billion in 2000, representing nearly 14 percent of the region’s gross domestic produce of $295 billion.  This compares favorably to the 7 percent figure representing the national average.

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