Nonprofits and Antiterrorism: GuideStar Interview with Treasury’s Amit Sharma

GuideStar recently published an interview it conducted with Amit Sharma, Treasury’s senior advisor to the assistant secretary for terrorist financing, focusing on the topic of charities and antiterrorism.  Among Sharma’s responses were the following comments:

  • "… the threat is very real, and it is ongoing."
  • "Designated terrorist groups around the world have been found, and continue to be seen, engaged in charitable activities, and this takes advantage of good faith donors."
  • "What leaders should also be aware of is how they can protect themselves from this risk — which means doing their due diligence."
  • "… we look to charities to understand the risks they face, and apply measures that are appropriate for their risks."
  • The benefits of due diligence to prevent terrorist financing exploitation in charities can not be underscored and ultimately outweigh the alternative.

Click here for the entire interview available on GuideStar’s website.