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We started posting daily to our Facebook Nonprofit Law page in March 2013 and just reached 2,000 likes. Check out our mix of articles and posts of relevance to nonprofits here. From the last seven days:

8/27 - Sector-Switching: Two Groups Make the Change From For-profit to Nonprofit (Nonprofit Quarterly)

We'll definitely be seeing more for-profit to nonprofit conversions in the future. What do you think? If you're thinking about this switch, get legal guidance. It's complicated and in some important ways irreversible.

8/27 - 'Strategic Philanthropy’ Shifts Too Much Power to Donors (Chronicle of Philanthropy)

The latest opinion in The Chronicle of Philanthropy getting a lot of buzz. Is it wise for a few members of insular foundation boards to instruct nonprofit grantees on how to best advance their missions? Merits on both sides of this discussion.

8/26 - Atheists Can Sue IRS Over Failure To Enforce Limits On Churches' Political Speech (HuffPost Politics)

More on churches and electioneering.

8/25 - Jesus Voted against Your Sins: A Christian commission wants ministers to be able to endorse candidates and keep their tax-exempt status. ( The American Prospect)

Interesting article about churches and political activities. What do you think of the author's suggestion of a simple fix: "Religious leaders who want the liberty to endorse candidates can give up their churches’ tax deduction." Not discussed is the substantial social services provided or funded by churches. Lots to think about …

8/24 - IRS Kills Tax Exemption Of Foundation Pushing Eternal Life (Forbes): Where is My Exemption Application? (IRS)

The Washington Bureau Chief of Forbes alerted me to this informative article re: revocation of tax-exempt status for commerciality and private benefit. Good follow-up to Erin's last post on the Nonprofit Law Blog

8/23 - Unrelated Business Income and the Commerciality Doctrine (Nonprofit Law Blog)

Important issues for nonprofits with earned income activities. What makes activities related to their 501(c)(3) purpose unrelated because of the commercial manner in which they are conducted? – Erin Bradrick

8/22 – Nonprofit Tweets of the Week (Nonprofit Law Blog)

More on the IRS controversy, charitable deduction, political activities, measuring impact … Read on!

8/21 - IRS 'Scandal' Fades As Documents Show Scrutiny Of Democratic Groups, ACORN Successors (HuffPost Politics)

Are we done with this?