Google for Non-Profits

Google launched Google for Non-Profits on March 19, 2008.  As Dorothy Chou, a Google Global Communications and Public Affairs Intern, informed me, "the site features tutorials and examples of how nonprofits use Google tools to operate more effectively."

The home page lists tools in two categories:

  • Save time and money
    • Gmail
    • Checkout (collect donations online and process them for free)
    • Docs
    • Calendar
    • Analytics
  • Find and engage supporters
    • Google Grants (free online ads)
    • YouTube
    • Blogger
    • Maps & Earth
    • Gadgets
    • Groups

Google has been offering many of these resources to nonprofits for some time, but I applaud the new site for making it easier to see what’s available and how these tools can be used.  Thanks Google!