Enterprise Risk Management for Nonprofits: An Introduction

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a strategic approach to managing risk holistically across the organization and its ecosystem. Under ERM, risks are not merely identified and addressed on a program or business segment level, they are surfaced so they can be assessed, analyzed, and managed with consideration of the entire organization, including its mission, its […]

Nonprofit Radio: Risk Management I – Indemnification

I spoke with host Tony Martignetti on his Nonprofit Radio podcast about indemnification as Part I of our two-part discussion on nonprofit risk management. This follows a recent post we published on indemnification provisions in Bylaws. But on this program, we were able to discuss indemnification in the contexts of both governance and contracts. Here are some highlights […]

Nonprofit Law and Ethics

Nonprofits are subject to laws with which they must comply or face the possibility of legal penalties. But they are also subject to ethical expectations from their key stakeholders. Certainly, many ethical standards are codified in the law. For example, compensating an executive of a charity an excessive amount may be considered both unethical and […]

Nonprofit Corporation Legal Audit

All too often, whether a nonprofit corporation is legally compliant in its operations receives attention only after a conflict or issue arises. Instead, a nonprofit corporation can better prevent such conflicts and protect itself through regular legal audits of its corporate governance, federal and state tax exemption, other federal tax law matters, employment and volunteer […]

Nonprofit Radio: Halloween Edition

I’m discussing Scary Scenarios for nonprofits with host Tony Martignetti on Nonprofit Radio this Friday, October 31, at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. We hope you’ll join us as we talk about employee lawsuits, IRS Audits, excess benefit transaction penalties, and more! UPDATE: If you missed us live, you can listen to the taped […]

Insurance – Presentation for YNPN

On December 5, 2006, Melanie Herman, E.D. of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, and I gave a very short presentation on insurance for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network.  I began the presentation with a discussion of liability. Liabilities Liability may be defined as a type of risk for which there is an attribution of fault […]