NAAG/NASCO Charities Conference: Purpose-Driven Board Leadership

One of the outstanding presentations at the 2023 NAAG/NASCO Charities Conference focused on Purpose-Driven Board Leadership (“PDBL”), a governance framework that I think has groundbreaking potential. Dani Robbins, BoardSource’s Director of Strategic Governance, delivered the presentation which provided attendees, including many state charity regulators with much food for thought. As an introduction to the presentation, […]

More on Purpose-Driven Board Leadership

In 2021, Anne Wallestad, the widely respected former CEO of BoardSource, wrote one of the most important articles on nonprofit governance I’ve ever read,¬†The Four Principles of Purpose-Driven Board Leadership¬†(Stanford Social Innovation Review). We’ve previously written about the article’s proposed governance model here and here. The article emphasized that nonprofit boards must govern with consideration […]

BoardSource: Putting Purpose First

Late last year, BoardSource published an important new book on nonprofit governance, Putting Purpose First: Nonprofit Board Leadership Today. The book incorporates the governance framework first introduced in the article The Four Principles of Purpose-Driven Board Leadership written by BoardSource CEO Anne Wallestad for the Stanford Social Innovation Review. This highly influential piece sparked several […]