Nonprofit Mergers: Common Risks

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the associated financial and social crises, and the rising racial justice movement, many nonprofits are looking at collaborations and mergers as a strategic response. But nonprofit leaders must understand at the outset the risks associated with such transactions. Following up on our recent post on motivations of nonprofits considering […]

Nonprofit Mergers: Motivations

Facing the severe impacts of the current public health and economic crises, many nonprofits are considering mergers and other forms of collaboration as a strategy for maintaining or strengthening their programmatic activities, their brand and clout, and, for some, their survival. Prior to entering into any negotiations around a collaboration, nonprofit leaders should identify and […]

Nonprofit Mergers & Alliances (2nd ed.)

I'm currently reading the recently published 2nd edition of Nonprofit Mergers & Alliances by Thomas A. McLaughlin and can already recommend it to nonprofit executives and board members thinking about collaborations and/or mergers.  Indeed, the book had me at "hello" or, rather, its first sentence:  "The best time to consider a merger or an alliance […]

Nonprofit Mergers – Due Diligence Items

I had a nice opportunity today to talk with the folks at La Piana Consulting, a national firm dedicated to strengthening nonprofits and foundations, about nonprofit mergers from a legal perspective. ┬áLa Piana Consulting was founded by David La Piana, a leading expert on strategic restructuring – including mergers, joint ventures, consolidations, and joint programming […]