Important Considerations for your Nonprofit’s Gift Acceptance Policy

While it may seem intuitive for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to openly accept gifts without question, certain gifts can result in consequences that harm the nonprofit’s mission, drain its finances, and/or damage the nonprofit’s reputation.  In order to avoid such consequences, it’s best practice for nonprofits to adopt a Gift Acceptance Policy that sets forth which gifts […]

Gift Acceptance Policies – NCPGC Program Presented by Barbara Rhomberg

             On January 12, 2012, I attended the progam "Gift Acceptance Policies: Why, When, What, How, and Who" presented to the Northern California Planned Giving Council by exempt organizations attorney Barbara Rhomberg.  Using the example of the Trojan Horse, Barbara quickly convinced us that not all gifts are good ones and the time for a […]

Major Gifts – Part II: Considerations for Legal Compliance and Avoiding Lawsuits

An organization that is implementing or revisiting its major gifts program should take advantage of that initiative as an opportunity to weave in best practices and other preventative measures that promote legal compliance and help avoid lawsuits. Some of the considerations should include preventing donor intent disputes and communication problems, seeking the help of experts […]

Top 5 Fundraising Legal Tips

Do fundraising professionals have to think about legal compliance and risk management?  Absolutely. Do they spend an appropriate amount of organizational resources in these areas?  Probably not. Law-related programs at fundraising conferences tend to be some of the least popular.  What accounts for this?  I’m guessing that the general lack of popularity results in part […]