How to Find a Fiscal Sponsor

Social entrepreneurs have a number of options for housing a charitable project, and many recognize fiscal sponsorship as the best option. But how do you find and select a fiscal sponsor? What is a fiscal sponsor? While no legal definition exists, a comprehensive (Model A) fiscal sponsor is generally considered to be a tax-exempt organization […]

Incubating a Nonprofit Social Enterprise

  How can we incubate an innovative, profit-making nonprofit project? As covered in our last post, Starting a Self-Sustainable Nonprofit, it may be possible and advantageous to operate a sustainable, profit-making, charitable project as a nonprofit organization.  If this route is chosen, the leaders should ensure that the organizational, governance, and administrative structures are carefully […]

Fiscal Sponsorship is Maturing as a Field

There is a terrific article on fiscal sponsorship written by Melanie Beene, President and CEO of Community Initiatives*, in the Fall 2010 issue of GIAreader (published by Grantmakers in the Arts).  In "Fiscal Sponsorship is Maturing as a Field," Beene describes the evolution of the practice of fiscal sponsorship and emergence of a set of […]