International Grantmaking: Equivalency Determinations

Private foundations in the United States are often interested in funding promising organizations and projects that are based outside of the country. When doing so, these foundations are required to follow certain rules and procedures promulgated by the IRS to help ensure that the foreign grantees are properly using those funds for charitable purposes. Currently, […]

NGOSource Webinar on Equivalency Determination and International Giving

Our friends at TechSoup | NGOsource are presenting  a live webinar exploring equivalency determination, its role in international giving, and NGOsource’s unique approach to this process on Tuesday, May 23, from 11 a.m. -12 p.m. Pacific time (2-3 p.m. Eastern). According to NGOsource, an  equivalency determination is: a process by which a U.S. grantmaker evaluates whether an intended foreign grantee […]

Final Regulations: Reliance Standards for Equivalency Determinations

Last week, the IRS issued final regulations regarding the standards by which a private foundation may make a “good faith determination” of whether a potential foreign grantee is the equivalent to a U.S. public charity– a process known as an equivalency determination. An equivalency determination is required so that grants made to the foreign organization […]