Nonprofit Radio: Collaborations – MOU To Merger

I’ll be on on Nonprofit Radio this Friday, July 24, at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET talking with host Tony Martignetti about nonprofit collaborations right after he speaks with his other guests Jacqueline Copeland and Valaida Fullwood about Black Philanthropy Month. You can listen live on Talking Alternative. The archived podcast will be available a few days after the show […]

Tweets of the Week – 6/25/10

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week: GTak: Great Resource List for Nonprofits from NGEC (including on collaborations and coalitions) – via @aapip GTak: Nonprofit Collaboration and Merger Resources – (Lodestar Foundation) GTak: Legit business model or not? Nonprofits contracting their founder for services advocating for donors' interests. GTak: […]