Emerging Legal Questions in Today’s Boardroom – BLF 2011

Last week, I had the honor and pleasure of presenting a session on Emerging Legal Questions in Today’s Boardroom at the BoardSource Leadership Forum, a national conference focused on nonprofit governance. This session addressed some of the trending legal issues for nonprofits in the areas of technology and social media, transparency, earned income and social […]

BoardSource Leadership Forum – Part III: Nonprofit Governance Challenges

At the BoardSource Leadership Forum, Thomas K. Hyatt, SNR Denton, presented the session “Ripped from the Headlines! Nonprofit Governance Challenges from Front Page News” using seven news headlines from the last year as case studies of compliance “war stories.” Hyatt notes these headlines represent a range of governance challenges from “good efforts gone wrong” to […]

BoardSource Leadership Forum 2010

Last week, BoardSource, a leading resource on nonprofit boards and governance, hosted the BoardSource Leadership Forum 2010, “Open for Innovation: Governing in a New Era,” in San Francisco. I was particularly excited to attend this forum because it is unique for its main focus on governance – a topic that is often scary for or […]